We hope you will join us in starting this exciting new chapter of our lives together with a sea-side ceremony at the Hartley Mason Reserve.

After the ceremony we will walk across the street to the York Harbor Inn for an afternoon of celebration!

The Inn has some rooms available and there are lots of other places to stay at every price point. We are staying the nights of the 16th and 17th at the Inn.

A quick list of some accommodations in the area


While You're Here

a list of some of our favorite activities and eats
coming soon


We have decided our dream honeymoon is a stint in Europe! Our plan is to spend a few days walking the museums and art galleries of Paris before heading to Italy to soak up some sun ☀️! We have our eyes set on Naples and the nearby Amalfi Coast.
It is by no means necessary but if you would like to contribute to our 'honey pot' please feel free to follow the link on the navbar or click the button below.

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey and we can't wait to see you in June!

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